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Movement and Exercise Therapy

Movement and Exercise Therapy is an extension of both the Orthopedic Massage & Manual Therapy and Functional Movement Therapy programs.

This program utilizes specific types of movement and exercise to strengthen the body and mind, increase stability and flexibility, while reducing vulnerabilities to common injuries.

This program is designed to continue the healing and recovery process from:

  • Sub-Acute, Acute and Chronic Pain

  • Injuries – new and old

  • Surgery

  • Pregnancy

  • Stress and anxiety

Specific types of movement patterns and exercises are utilized that are rooted in:

  • Wuji Qigong

  • Hatha yoga

  • Yang-style Tai Chi

  • Science-backed Exercises

I offer in person and online services including:

  • Private, personal training

  • Small semi-private Group Classes

  • Resources for self-guided training

  • Online & In-Studio classes at Breathe Together Yoga

I also utilize 21st century applications to assess and analyze; posture, movement patterns.

I then work with you to create a customized movement/exercise plans to meet your unique goals and requirements.

These plans are accessible through the use of web browsers and mobile devices.