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Post-Surgical Massage Therapy

Recovering from even minor surgery can take time

There are several benefits of using the Hendrickson Method for post-surgical recovery:

  1. It relaxes muscles which have become tight due to the trauma of surgery

  2. Helps to reduce the swelling and stiffness that accompany surgical recovery

  3. Massage of healed incision sites helps break up and re-align scar tissue improving flexibility and a reduction in pain

  4. Massage provides a reduction in muscle and skin fatigue and stress

  5. Massage improves muscle tissue recovery and repair

  6. Massage provides relief and pain management

  7. Massage gives an overall feeling of balance throughout your body.

Kinesio Tape helps the healing process

There are several benefits with the addition of Kinesio Tape to the healing process:

  1. Helps to get your skin to retract back into position.

  2. Promotes overall recovery of your body.

  3. Aids in inflammation reduction.

  4. Also reduces swelling and makes your skin feel more in place.

I also utilize 21st century applications to assess and analyze; posture, movement patterns.

I then work with you to create a customized movement/exercise plans to meet your unique goals and requirements.

These plans are accessible through the use of web browsers and mobile devices.