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What to expect for your appointment

My goals for you:

  1. The first goal of every session is to bring each person to a point where they feel noticeably better than when they arrived.
  2. The second goal is to keep you moving and training so that your performance goals remain achievable.
  3. I am driven to help each person complete their healing process so that they have the opportunity to enjoy their old pursuits and find new ones.

Preparing for your appointment

Work is done through light, loose comfortable clothing. Scrubs and exam shorts are available for clients that arrive in dresses or thick denim or canvas pants.

Your appointment

On Arriving

On your first visit we’ll take a few moments to go over your intake form and prioritize the specific areas of pain that you’ve come to have addressed.

In Session

In most cases clients will begin on their side with their back and hips close but not at the edge of the table. Your head will rest on a cervical support pillow and you’ll have a body pillow to hug while it supports your hips, knees and ankles in a more neutral position.

  1. Passive joint mobilization will also be used to stimulate the healing process while helping the therapist to identify areas of tension that require additional healing, Joint Mobilization also helps to promote the production of Synovial Fluid, which is the natural lubricant produced by our body to help lubricate our joints.

  2. Each session will also include targeted Static and Dynamic Stretching to help release any remaining tension in the joints and muscle tissues.


Continuing support & WebExercises

Free WebExercises Prescription Included

Your therapy session will conclude with a 4-week subscription to WebExercises, a web and mobile-based application with a database of over 3500 exercises. 10-12 exercises will be prescribed specifically for you that are to be done on a regular, consistent basis. Each exercise includes a short video showing you how to do each exercise.

The goal of these exercises is to further promote your own individual healing process so that you get out of pain faster and back to the activities that you love.

Follow Up

Follow-up sessions will be scheduled based on the your own personal needs and requirements.